A key research interest of mine is the reconstruction of ice sheets that once covered Eurasia, and how they influenced and interacted with the landscape, environment and subsurface.

Carbon and ice sheets

In iC3, I co-lead a team with the aim is to transform scientific understanding of carbon cycling processes under ice sheets and produce the first comprehensive inventory of sub-ice sheet carbon.

Recent publications

I sometimes also create interactive maps…


An interactive reconstruction of the Eurasian ice sheet and its erosion potential during the last ice age

Map myths

‘Map myths’ delves into the tales behind the cartographic myths, blunders and imaginations that shaped our view of the world during past centuries.

Mercator’s view of the Arctic

In 1595 the Arctic was a vast unknown and full of mystery. Explore this interactive map prepared by the famous cartographer, Mercator – the first dedicated view of the Arctic from the golden age of cartography.

How the Arctic was discovered

An interactive history through four centuries of exploration for the Northwest and Northeast passages.